Booking Engine

Grow your direct bookings by up to 20% with no added commissions using the PlanetHMS Booking Engine. Plus, share less revenue with OTAs and third parties.

Get more direct bookings with ZERO Commision

PlanetHMS is a powerful booking engine designed to help hotels and accommodation providers increase direct bookings and revenue. It enables guests to book rooms directly from the property’s website.

Offering a seamless and personalised booking experience. With features such as dynamic pricing, custom promotions with black out dates, multiple payment method from multiple payment gateway.

PlanetHMS drives distribution & revenue optimisation and keeps your property ahead of the competition.

Maximise direct revenue

Connect with new travellers, drive more conversions and reach new levels with an average ROI of 63x.

Reduce commission fees

Reduce your reliance on OTAs and third parties and increase your profits with commission-free bookings.

Make it simple

Provide your guests with a frictionless, intuitive and secure booking experience that truly converts.

Own the guest journey

Boost your bottom line with upsells and packages, and give guests the confidence to book with clear information and cancellation policies.


Turn your hotel website into your top-performing booking channel

Built to drive direct bookings, the PlanetHMS Booking Engine easily integrates with any website to capture reservations from all distribution channels.

A booking engine to propel your hotel forward.

Easy Mobile Bookings

Make it simple for guests no matter where they are with a seamless 3-step mobile booking experience.


Competitor and Rate Parity Insight

Be a winner in your local market with real-time data to ensure you always offer the most competitive rate for your rooms.


Drive Bookings from Social Media

Easily connect social media channels with your booking engine to maximise your direct revenue.


Maximise Revenue with Upsells and Promotions

Expand your revenue potential for each reservation by offering enticing add-ons, package deals, and promotional codes. Attract guests year-round with seasonal promotions and discounts.


Boost Occupancy by Offering Multiple Rates

Offer a range of rate plans, such as breakfast included, early-bird rate, extended-stay discounts, and more to encourage bookings and upgrades.


Increase your profitability and direct bookings with PlanetHMS

Real-time reporting and analytics

Keep track of your online bookings with robust reports, statistics, and advanced tracking.

Optimize your direct booking strategy

PlanetHMS Booking Engine is built to ensure you can reach and convert potential guests when they are ready to book.

Rate & Inventory support

Streamline your booking processes and enhance your revenue management strategy with our rate and inventory features.


Connect to Metasearch Engines like Google, Trivago, Tripadvisor


Available in more than 20 languages and currencies to attract global travellers


Seamlessly integrate with your website or connect to our website builder for up to 20% more conversions.

Highly secure

PCI DSS and GDPR compliant.

Frequently Asked Question

A booking engine is an online tool that allows you to take direct reservations from guests on your website, via social media channels, and via metasearch sites. The main purpose is to reduce your reliance on third-party booking sites, gain greater control of your guest relationships, and give travellers an easy and secure way to make a booking. It will also help you maximise your hotel’s direct revenue, guest loyalty, and profit.

Your business greatly benefits from a booking engine by driving direct commission-free bookings and building guest loyalty. Direct bookings are key as part of a balanced direct and indirect distribution strategy that maximises revenue and occupancy. Booking engine software will also integrate seamlessly with your website and other software such as your hotel channel manager.

A wholly-branded booking engine for your hotel’s website helps you to attract, reach and convert guests directly. With the right booking engine in place:

  • You can increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience
  • You can save time with quick and easy setup
  • You can eliminate manual data entry with instant integration
  • You can make better decisions with data
  • You can build a personal relationship with your guests

Ultimately you’ll improve your occupancy, reputation, and bottom line.

When looking at a booking engine or comparing two or more options, focus on the following features as a priority:

A seamless booking experience for your guests. Your booking engine should enable a guest to click the ‘Book Now’ button on your website and complete their reservation within a few clicks, including payment, without being redirected or completing long winded forms.

It should also show your guests all the dates and rooms that you have available in real-time, ensuring your hotel never receives any double bookings.

Set up for all types of guests and payments. All hotels need to look beyond their own borders to boost occupancy so it’s important your booking engine offers multiple languages, currencies, and credit or virtual cards so international travellers can enjoy the same convenient booking process as domestic guests.

Optimised for all devices and integrations. To maximise bookings you need to be able to take bookings from travellers using mobile devices, those booking via Facebook, and those booking via metasearch. It’s also important that your booking engine can connect with other systems like your PMS, channel manager, or hotel apps.

Control over the guest relationship. Taking direct bookings gives you a unique opportunity to personalise the experience for your guests and build relationships that foster long term loyalty. Ensure your chosen booking engine enables personalised communication, the ability to offer exclusive packages, and allows guests to choose exciting extras when they book.

Customisation. It’s important that the look and feel of your booking engine matches your hotel brand and website to ensure the reservation experience is frictionless.

Additional revenue streams. The ability to upsell so you can offer a more personalised stay and increase revenue per guest is crucial to improving the profitability of your hotel.

Key integrations. Integration with all of your booking sites through a channel manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and eCommerce tracking will help you analyse direct booking trends – including website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI.

You can get a free period of PlanetHMS booking engine while you explore the features and suitability for your hotel. With a free trial, you’ll be able to understand the value that a hotel booking engine offers your business.

Once your free period is over you can choose to invest knowing your return on investment will be much greater than your monthly fee, or you can cancel anytime with no questions asked. When you sign-up with PlanetHMS, there is no credit card required and no lock-in contracts. Click here to get started today!

PlanetHMS is cloud-based hospitality software created by hotelier who happen to be a software developers. PlanetHMS seamlessly combines modules for reservation management, operational efficiency, revenue management, distribution, guest acquisition, and guest engagement in a single user-friendly system, enhanced by a marketplace of third-party integrations.

PlanetHMS software solution is designed to power properties of all types and sizes in the hospitality industry, including hotels, hotel groups, hostels, B&Bs and inns, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and more!

Much more than property management software, the Cloudbeds platform includes everything you need to start, run, and grow your hotel business no matter your property type or size. Within Cloudbeds’ unified platform you’ll find:

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Hotel Website Builder
  • Event Manager
  • Revenue Management tool

PlanetHMS is headquartered in Batam. We are an international team with remote office available for use in Singapore and Bali.

Yes! We was a hotelier, we knew how hectic day to day hotel operational is. We always be here for you 24/7