Event Manager

Manage your events bookings, inquiries, quotation letter, confirmation letter, and banquet event order from a single dashboard

Centralized your MICE channel and maximized profit from lost revenue

Received and centralized events inquiries for your hotel from website, booking engine, social media, emails, whatsapp, or walk in guests to your property.

Check and book venue for your hotel, create quotation letter, confirmation letter, and banquet event order from anywhere in the world.

PlanetHMS Event Manager offer robust solution to receive and manage meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibition or weddings events on your property. 

Received events inquires from various channel

Maximized your profit and minimized lost revenue from unfollow up inquiries from multiple channel

Digital banquet event calendar

See, book, and manage event calendar for your property seamlessly from any device and any location

Create and approve banquet event documents

Create and send quotation, confirmation letter, and banquet event order from anywhere

Lead and inquiry insight

Leverage powerful insights to ensure you have perfect strategy to sell your event venue on your hotel


Boost your banquet and catering business with ZERO commissions

Transform your hotel’s banquet and catering business with our suite of innovative products. Our event manager software empowers hotels to effortlessly orchestrate every aspect of their events, from initial inquiry to flawless execution.

With intuitive tools for creating quotations, generating confirmation letters, and organizing banquet event orders, our software simplifies the entire process, saving time and enhancing efficiency. Elevate the guest experience, optimize operations, and maximize revenue potential with our tailored solutions for hoteliers. Unlock the full potential of your banquet and catering business today.

Elevate the guest experience, optimize operations, and maximize revenue potential with PlanetHMS Event Manager

Streamlined Workflow

PlanetHMS Event Manager streamlines the entire event management process, enabling hotels to handle inquiries, create quotations, and manage bookings seamlessly. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to efficiency.


Enhanced Organization

Keep track of every detail with ease. PlanetHMS event manager centralizes all event-related information, including guest preferences, menu selections, and scheduling, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Customization and Flexibility

Tailor each event to perfection with customizable templates and flexible options. Whether it’s creating personalized confirmation letters or adjusting banquet event orders on the fly, PlanetHMS adapts to your hotel’s unique needs.


Improved Communication

Foster better communication between departments and clients alike. PlanetHMS Event Manager facilitates smooth collaboration among staff members and enables clear, timely communication with event organizers, ensuring everyone stays informed every step of the way.


Data-Driven Insights

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive business growth. PlanetHMS provides valuable insights into booking trends, revenue performance, and customer preferences, empowering hotels to optimize their banquet and catering operations for maximum profitability.


It’s easier to plan ahead.

Digital Banquet Event Calendar

Manage and book event venue on your hotel, centralized system for your team for better communications

Integrated system to received banquet event inquiries

Enjoy full distribution and more revenue-making opportunities for your banquet and catering business with zero commission involved

Efficient workflow and data driven insights

Experience unparalleled efficiency and data-driven insights with our software, and unlock new possibilities for your hotel’s banquet and catering operations.


Centralized banquet event system

Global Reach

Reach global inquiries for your hotel

Data driven

Own and track your customer journey


Easy and efficient interface

Frequently Asked Question

PlanetHMS Event Manager is an online tool that let you manage and track banquet events on your property.

Event manager allows you to sell your meeting rooms to your own distribution channel such as hotel website, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or even walk in guest who are searching vanue for their events.

Furthermore PlanetHMS Event Manager let you streamlines the entire event management process, enabling hotels to handle inquiries, create quotations, and manage bookings seamlessly.

Yes if your hotel have meeting rooms and banquet event is one of your revenue channels

Pricing of hotel event managers can vary depending on your specific business and your requirements. In the case of PlanetHMS, there are flexible pricing models that let you choose what’s best for you. The platform offers a tonne of useful features, but if a Event Manager is your sole concern then you won’t be forced to pay for everything. View your pricing options.

An event manager easily offsets its cost with the extra bookings that it will generate, the time it saves you each day and additional value-add such as event performance insights and free-of-charge integrations with your existing software systems.

Sure, if you’d prefer to watch a demo before starting your free trial you absolutely can. A demo is a great way to get an idea of what the event manager feature offers and how it will benefit your hotel. Watch a demo of PlanetHMS now.

You can login to PlanetHMS event manager at any time by clicking here or by visiting the homepage. Simply enter your login credentials to use the platform. You first need to have an account setup to login and use the features. Get started today by taking a free trial.

PlanetHMS is cloud-based hospitality software created by hotelier who happen to be a software developers. PlanetHMS seamlessly combines modules for reservation management, operational efficiency, revenue management, distribution, guest acquisition, and guest engagement in a single user-friendly system, enhanced by a marketplace of third-party integrations.

PlanetHMS software solution is designed to power properties of all types and sizes in the hospitality industry, including hotels, hotel groups, hostels, B&Bs and inns, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and more!

Much more than property management software, the Cloudbeds platform includes everything you need to start, run, and grow your hotel business no matter your property type or size. Within Cloudbeds’ unified platform you’ll find:

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Hotel Website Builder
  • Event Manager
  • Revenue Management tool

PlanetHMS is headquartered in Batam. We are an international team with remote office available for use in Singapore and Bali.

Yes! We was a hotelier, we knew how hectic day to day hotel operational is. We always be here for you 24/7