Channel Manager

Broaden your property’s market access across diverse OTAs, wholesalers, and GDS.

Connect to B2B and B2C booking channels with zero added commissions.

Integrated with the PlanetHMS booking engine, this advanced online distribution platform is tailored for all types of accommodation properties.

Whether you’re managing direct bookings or listings on major platforms like, Expedia, or Airbnb, the system guarantees streamlined operations.

It enables automatic updates to all popular online distribution channels whenever there’s a change in room availability, pricing, or stay rules.

Be seen on, Expedia, Airbnb and Agoda

Your bookings will surge with connections to over 300+ distribution channels, including the GDS.

Say goodbye to double bookings

With instant updates between PlanetHMS, your distribution channels and PMS, your available inventory will always be up to date.

Everything in one place

Save time and effort with a single place to manage your distribution, reservations and payments.

Pricing and channel insights

Leverage powerful insights to ensure your rooms are priced competitively and showcased on your best performing channels.


Tune into the right channels.

Keep your availability, pricing, rates, and inventory updated in real time, whether a guest books on an OTA or your property’s website.

With PlanetHMS integrated platform, you can finally manage your inventory efficiently and reliably in one place, streamlining and optimizing your channel. management.

Transform your business with
PlanetHMS unified platform

Up to 40% more bookings*

Increase occupancy by advertising on as many of our channels as you like at no extra cost, in multiple currencies.

Increase Your Visibility

Grow your occupancy and optimize your revenue by connecting to and being visible on the most relevant online channels, driving more direct bookings and OTA bookings.

Maximize revenue & keep commissions low

Take advantage of industry-leading features like yield rules and stop sells to ensure you always promote your most profitable rates.

The world’s largest network of online booking channels

Easily distribute all your available rooms across the largest network of online booking channels.

*Promoting your property on 5 or more additional channels could further increase bookings by up to 40%


Move fast, stay in control.

Real-time channel management

PlanetHMS Channel Manager ensures your rates and inventory are always in sync across all channels.

Integrated inventory management

Enjoy full distribution automation and more revenue-making opportunities with flexible inventory listing.

Automate rate management

Update your rates on all channels with a few clicks and easily manage rate parity or set different pricing for a specific channel.


2-way, reliable connectivity

Global Support

In-house customer support 24/7/365.


99.95% channel manager uptime


PCI DSS and GDPR compliant

Frequently Asked Question

The definition of a channel manager is that it’s an automated online tool that gives you more access to online channels and more control over your bookings.

A channel manager allows you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites (e.g., Expedia, the GDS, wholesale, your direct channel), at the same time. It automatically updates your availability in real-time on all sites and your PMS, when a booking is made, or when changes are made to your inventory.

This means that a channel manager can dramatically help you drive reservations, increase revenue, save time, and reduce human errors.

When comparing channel managers it’s important to understand what features and functionality are important to your hotel. Are you a large or small business? What challenges are you facing?

When looking at providers, ask questions like:

  • Does this channel manager easily connect to the channels I need?
    Does it integrate with other systems I use?
  • Does it have the depth and breadth of features I need
  • Does it make the experience user-friendly and provide the reporting I need to maximise revenue?

Importantly, you should consider the user-friendliness of the technology and service. Does it require advanced tech skills? Can you manage your direct and indirect channels from a single place? What support is available if anything goes wrong? A channel manager that meets these criteria will save you hours, minimise drain on your resources and give you the ability to quickly optimise your complete distribution strategy.

Pricing of hotel channel managers can vary depending on your specific business and your requirements. In the case of PlanetHMS, there are flexible pricing models that let you choose what’s best for you. The platform offers a tonne of useful features, but if a channel manager is your sole concern then you won’t be forced to pay for everything. View your pricing options.

A channel manager easily offsets its cost with the extra bookings that it will generate, the time it saves you each day and additional value-add such as channel performance insights and free-of-charge integrations with your existing software systems.

Sure, if you’d prefer to watch a demo before starting your free trial you absolutely can. A demo is a great way to get an idea of what the channel manager feature offers and how it will benefit your hotel. Watch a demo of PlanetHMS now.

You can login to PlanetHMS channel manager at any time by clicking here or by visiting the homepage. Simply enter your login credentials to use the platform. You first need to have an account setup to login and use the features. Get started today by taking a free trial.

PlanetHMS is cloud-based hospitality software created by hotelier who happen to be a software developers. PlanetHMS seamlessly combines modules for reservation management, operational efficiency, revenue management, distribution, guest acquisition, and guest engagement in a single user-friendly system, enhanced by a marketplace of third-party integrations.

PlanetHMS software solution is designed to power properties of all types and sizes in the hospitality industry, including hotels, hotel groups, hostels, B&Bs and inns, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and more!

Much more than property management software, the Cloudbeds platform includes everything you need to start, run, and grow your hotel business no matter your property type or size. Within Cloudbeds’ unified platform you’ll find:

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Hotel Website Builder
  • Event Manager
  • Revenue Management tool

PlanetHMS is headquartered in Batam. We are an international team with remote office available for use in Singapore and Bali.

Yes! We was a hotelier, we knew how hectic day to day hotel operational is. We always be here for you 24/7